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Check out the favourite snack pick of the month voted by Team Boxsome


An irresistible crunchy snack for you this Lunar New Year. Time to HUAT with these two snacks - perfect for offering guests during house visits as they come in small packs.


This classic Japanese biscuit is perfect to bundle up with on a rainy day, giving you all the cozy vibes on this Christmas. Do not forget to pair it with a cuppa homemade hot chocolate — divine!


Wewwiitt~ Look at this beautiful peach lady yo... This chewy heart-shaped lady is filled with rich juicy flavour and vitamin C. Every piece is in half yellow and half pink colour and tasting her give you a strong double taste of peach. She might be little sour but she's definitely sweeter.


If you’re not a fan of horror, then this Lotte’s Koala’s March biscuits will make your Halloween a little bit cuter! Enjoy the crunchy biscuit shell filled with lip-snacking chocolate filling while looking at the scary and cute image of each Lotte Koala. Now, Halloween celebration is complete!


Lays hits our favourite list again! With three newly launched flavours (Spicy Crayfish Flavour, Fried Crab Flavour & Grilled Eel Flavour), we were so indulged trying out all of em. This Spicy Crayfish Flavour brings you a little bit of spicy along with delicate taste of savoury lobsters and you can already smell it the moment you opened the bag of chips!


Can you down these popping candy choco sticks without making a fizzy sound? We believe that popping candies are one of the most entertaining candies of your childhood. A fizzy, popping feeling of tiny bubbles exploding in your mouth; but now, accompanied with cookie sticks that capture the candy’s aroma along with a rich coated chocolate that will melt right in your mouth. Mmmm... can't wait to taste this fun combination on a boring day!


Malaysians mostly grew up with the iconic White Rabbit Candy, but this month we have decided to include their special flavor, RED BEAN. As usual, it is white, chewy and aromatic due to the milky ingredients it contains. What else? The edible paper-like wrapping that's made from sticky rice!! That definitely gives the whole tasting experience for this candy don't you agree?


This snack is perfect on its own or you may dip it into your favourite sauce. We personally think it’s cheesy, crunchy and delicious itself! Don’t you think this is a must for a movie date?


When we are sourcing for instant noodles, we found this crunchy noodles that skipped the boiling part and it's in spicy rice cake flavour. It reminds us of the childhood crunchy noodle snack. It's so fun and easy to share! Just crush the noodle snack into pieces, sprinkle the spicy rice cake spices, shake it as hard as you can, and enjoy the crispy texture of the noodle snack that will definitely leave you craving for more!


WE KNOW! *MIND BLOWN* RIGHT? We heard about the beers, but how about beer-flavoured potato chips. This chip features fresh jalapeno chillies and juicy succulent beef flavours infused with the flavours of the world's most iconic stout. Their hand cooked, medium-thick cut, solidly crispy, and a neutral potato flavour will definitely have you coming back crunch after crunch!


How can we miss the taste of sakura during this spring season? This limited edition Pocky in Sakura flavour will bring you the taste of unique, creamy cherry blossom coated with chocolate in a soft pink biscuit stick that will leave you feeling blossomed!


Who are the NERDSSS today? We all know this famous double-dipped nerds from America. These little pebbles shaped candy are flavoured with delicious wild cherry candies with lemonade layer on one side and sour apple flavour layered with sweet watermelon on the other side. Be careful, these nerds are seriously addictive. We've warned you!


A must-try taste of Thai snack! Perfect combination of grilled shrimp and seafood sauce flavour into these crispy potato chips. Feel the mix flavour in every crunch of this Lays Rock Potato Chips from Thailand. Definitely opens up your appetite for more Thai food!


When mom tells you not to play with your food you just gotta show her this! This Playmore Gummy Block Candy is simply too fun and tasty. The only tasty gummy that you have reasons to play and eat at the same time. Our team had so much fun and had a great laugh when trying this out.


Each bite of this KitKat Senses Hazelnut is filled with the rich milk chocolate and divine hazelnut cream! Feel the perfectly crispy, flavorful cream and indulgent bite when crunching on the pieces. It's almost too irresistible. Such a perfect snack to be pampered during this Christmas celebration.


This black premium fish snack is so rich in taste and created through perfect blend of premium quality ingredients. With the ultimate spicy seafood flavour, it has created such a perfect combination for this fish snack! What's more? It's actually a healthy baked product free of saturated and fatty acid fats. Neither preservative nor color is added. How y'all like our November's fav!


Any Toppoki lover here? How about a Korean Toppoki snack coated with sweet and spicy tasting but in a crunchy way? We can't stop munching on this sweet and crispy toppoki-flavoured chips with some spicy kick in the mouth (We literally finished up 5 packs in just a few hours no joke)


Wait what... A transparent Coca-Cola?? This Coca-Cola Clear is colourless, calorie free, and flavoured with a splash of lemon and some tinkering to the base formula. Definitely a thirst quencher on a hot day!


These 40cm gummies are so unique that they are close to cheesestring-like! Not only they are so tasty to nibble on, they also contain good bacteria that helps with your digestion!

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