In the celebration of our one year anniversary, we have partnered up with Love 18 Artisan Chocolatier. By participating in this contest, you will be able to stand a chance to win a box of Premium Fresh Belgian Chocolate. All you have to do is subscribe to our Premium Box within (1st of July to 15th of July), fill in the information below and vote for your lucky snack. At the end of the contest, you will win away these eye-catching chocolates that melt right into your mouth when your snack get the most votes. So, don’t be afraid to share out your lucky snack to increase the number of votes 😉 Because #TheMoreTheBetter, just like how we love sharing good snacks with y;all 😀

In the box are two pairs of premium chocolates: Strawberry Dark Chocolate Bonbons and Caramel Crunchy Dark Chocolate Bonbons hand-painted and hand-made locally by Love 18 Artisan Chocolatier. What melts in your mouth are only of fresh and high quality ingredients, blended with premium chocolates imported from France and Belgian. Made to last in your memory.

Contest Period: 1st July - 15th July

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