Snack Review: Eureka Unicorn Popcorn

Let’s talk about something special – Eureka’s Unicorn Popcorn! Launched in October 2023, it’s a limited edition popcorn with four fantastic flavors in one tin. The tin is cute, but the real magic is inside!

The Unicorn Quartet – Tasty Flavors: The popcorn comes in four flavors:

  1. Blue Spirulina & Sea Salt: Imagine blue popcorn! It’s sweet with a little bit of saltiness – a unique combo.
  2. Butterscotch: Classic butterscotch flavor – sweet and buttery. It’s like a trip to a candy wonderland!
  3. Ube Yam: This one is exotic! It has a cool purple color and a sweet taste with a bit of earthiness.
  4. Roselle: The last flavor is floral and elegant. It’s a bit fancy and adds something special to the mix.

A Treat for Sweet Lovers: This popcorn is a bit fancy and costs RM16.90 for a 90gram small can. It’s super sweet, so if you love sugary snacks, this one’s for you!

Sip and Snack – A Tip: While munching on this sweet popcorn, grab a light drink. It helps balance the sweetness and keeps things tasty.

Handle with Care – Packaging Note: A little heads up – the magical tin is charming, but the popcorn’s magic only lasts for 5 days tops. After that, it might lose its crunchiness.

Rating from Team Boxsome

Value-for-Money: 4/10

Taste: 8/10 (For Sweet Tooth)

Texture: 7/10

You can purchase Eureka Unicorn Popcorn from its official website:-

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